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 Joshua Loyd stands behind our farmers. As a National leader, Illinois ranks #1 in Soy production, #2 in Corn, and #4 in Swine. Illinois agriculture supports over 482,000 Jobs.

As a result, Joshua Loyd believes there should be less legislative burden on farmers and greater access to agricultural resources. Some examples include:

-Supply chain resources

-Flood Protections

-Easier H-2A access

-Wellness Resources

-Access to training

If you would like to help better Illinois Agriculture, please consider being a volunteer. 

Economy and Government Spending 

YOU should not feel the burden of wasteful government spending.

The US is over $31 trillion in debt. That is astronomical! Have you ever thought of where that money goes? Joshua Loyd is adamant about reducing wasteful spending and creating an accountability mechanism to ensure Federal funds are spent resourcefully.

Teachers should not feel the burden of wasteful government spending.

Farmers should not feel the burden of wasteful government spending.

If you want to see how the government wastes your money, visit:

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Protecting Social Security & Medicare


Millions of Americans rely on Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunately, the Federal government's Social Security program is expected to collapse within the next 2 decades (2035). Joshua Loyd supports work on protecting the Americans who rely on Social Security and Medicare without privatizing the system. 

Congress needs to take a good look at Social Security because the working generation should not have to worry about paying into a system that might not be there when they are ready to retire.

2nd Amendment


The Second Amendment was written by patriots who fought off a tyrannical government to ensure the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Joshua Loyd is a supporter of the Second Amendment.

The Problem is not guns. The issue of many gun-related problems stem from mental health, gang violence, and self-inflicted incidents.

On average, there are roughly 270 guns for every square mile in the United States.

Let us help those who are mentally ill and those who come from unfortunate social backgrounds before considering stripping Constitutional rights from individuals.

(PS Criminals don't care about the rule of law, why would gun laws be any different?)

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Vocational Trades & Education

  One-third of all American employers say they can't find the right workers because of the lack of applicants with the right skills. This has become known as the 'Skills Gap'. Joshua Loyd strongly believes in Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the high school and post-secondary educational levels. Joshua Loyd has also served numerous roles advocating for Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) funding at the federal level.

By increasing access to CTE we are not only helping fund critically needed skilled labor, but we are helping reduce the overall amount of educational debt the US incurs each year.  

Organizations considered CTSO include:






Visit to learn more

National Parks & Environment

One of the greatest gifts given to us Americans is our precious landscapes, including the beautiful and majestic national parks. Our nation must protect and ensure the longevity of the natural environment and its resources, and Joshua Loyd will work to enforce this.

As you may know, the United States is home to some awe-inspiring landscapes and

natural environments such as the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Acadia. 

These national treasures are not only majestic in beauty and resource, but they provide numerous benefits to both humans and wildlife.

That is why it is so important that we work to preserve and protect these vital resources for future generations.

I am not opposed to resource extraction, only the pollution and derangement of the area once finished. I hope we can all agree that conservation is a crucial step in the process of land management.

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National Defense

As a veteran, Joshua Loyd proudly supports our men and women in uniform. He believes our military is a fundamental core component of our democracy and freedom that we enjoy every single day.

With the United States nearing a war that could be a near-peer competition, Joshua Loyd believes we must maintain a strong and capable military. Further, Joshua Loyd wants to ensure military spending is happening appropriately and that proper military standards and training processes are occurring without mismanagement.


With the rapidly aging infrastructure of the past century, Joshua Loyd is adamant that we as a nation start looking ahead into the future and determine what type of infrastructure is necessary to continue our success as a nation. Not even 100 years ago, the common household did not have electricity. Today, we have an aging and overloaded power grid. 100 years ago, common plumbing was not a thing. Today, our municipalities provide water but are often wrecked by outdated and aged infrastructure.

Let us update and modernize our infrastructure!

Some examples Joshua Loyd is focused on include intrastate travel through Springfield to St. Louis and Chicago, electrical grid modernization, and governmental agency realignments.

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Limited Government

 Limited Government means that people are free to live their lives as they choose, and express themselves without undue interference.

Protection of States' Rights:  This helps to ensure that laws and regulations are tailored to the specific needs and values of different regions and populations.

A limited government also encourages innovation and entrepreneurship by minimizing regulations and restrictions on businesses and individuals.

Individuals: The government has no right to interfere with a person's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. The more laws we enact on the public, the fewer freedoms we can claim we have. Joshua Loyd will ensure the government has no place between you and your freedoms.

Free Enterprise

Free enterprise encourages economic growth and prosperity by promoting competition, innovation, and efficiency. When businesses are free to compete, they are motivated to produce high-quality goods and services at lower prices. Free enterprise encourages entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for individuals to start their businesses and pursue their ideas.  This helps to protect individual freedoms, choices, and prevents government overreach. 


Further, there must be consumer and labor protection laws that ensure the safety of people from unnecessary dangers.

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